Kevin Sankar

Change is Here

As both a Mortgage Agent and Financial Representative, I am connected to networks like Capital Lending Centre which enable me to help fund many types of mortgages, advise on investment strategies, and protect what is most important to my clients. I am privileged to work alongside top lenders and asset management companies providing options to first time homebuyers and the self-employed with regards to purchases, refinancing, debt consolidations and more. Furthermore, it is satisfying to access and provide equity release using the growing reverse mortgage product to help baby boomers stay in there home, maintain a certain lifestyle or help their children and grandchildren. My aim is to keep improving the lives of Canadians by applying financial strategies towards what is important to each of us.

Continuing to excel at my career, while committing to a balanced lifestyle has always been essential as caring for my family and being productive within my business and among my team are very important to me. My past life was in the operations side of the transportation business, where I spent over 20 years working with companies such as DHL Express and DHL Global Forwarding, Servisair and Swissport. As part of the management team, working within the hub and gateway, I worked closely with sales, I.T and our logistics team, as well as legal regulatory authorities to ensure a smooth daily operation.

Though I do still quench my entrepreneurial thirst by continuing to network and ally with other like-minded people, the years continue to be a challenging and happy time as it has given me great satisfaction to learn more about the financial industry, and has enabled me to help families to save for their children's education, their downpayment for their home and their retirement. And taking it a step further to get them into that special home, and protect it all is a dream come true for us all.


Kevin Sankar