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As first time homebuyers, my partner and I had an amazing experience working with Emily! We were very lucky to work with her - she made sure we understood every step, answered all the questions we had about our mortgage, and encouraged us to ask more questions if we felt as though we didn't fully understand. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who's looking for a mortgage, whether it's your first time or not! -A&C

From the very first phone call, when my boyfriend and I needed a guide to assist us with our Mortgage Approval process, Em was immediately there for us. Not only was she communicative, accessible, informative, and gracious, but she was incredibly gentle and kind during a very hectic, fast, exciting, and nerve-wracking home-purchasing journey! D&L

As a realtor, I've worked with my fair share of mortgage brokers. Emily is a breath of fresh air. I've worked with her on a handful of home sales for buyers and sellers this past Spring and I can honestly say she will be the only mortgage agent I refer moving forward. She is not only FAST (and that is priceless in and of itself), but she is ACCESSIBLE! I can't tell her you how many mortgage brokers in the past ignore your phone calls, don't update you, make you feel like a pain in the butt for checking in, but Em is consistently updating me on my clients and the bank progress, and updating the clients with just as much frequency. It's a very stressful process for Buyers/Sellers, so hearing from your mortgage broker offers a sense of calm and comfort. I appreciate the level of care and service she provides the clients I refer to her. She is prompt with ordering appraisals (again, also priceless - I once had a bank order an appraisal 4 days before closing. With Em, it's 4 days post accepted offer). Lastly, she is NICE! She treats her clients with kindness and respect, but not only that, she treats the banks with kindness and respect, and that in turn pays off 10 fold as if the banks like working with her, that translates to the clients getting faster service. I appreciate that Em works the same way I do which makes the process seamless from beginning to end - she provides a client care focused approach to her business with an emphasis on communication, efficiency and promptness. All invaluable assets to have in a mortgage broker. I'd give her 10 stars if I could! N